Questions and answers about virtual backgrounds

Are you wondering how to get your own branded virtual background for your Zoom calls or Microsoft Teams online meetings? Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from customers. If your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact us with your query.


Virtual backgrounds for online meetings
Q – How do I know if a customised virtual background will work on my computer?
A – You'll need to check if your Zoom or other video calling platform can accommodate custom backgrounds. Our backgrounds work best on 16:9 HD format.
Q - How do I get my branding incorporated into my selected virtual background?
A - After purchasing your virtual background, we'll e-mail you to request your concept images and branding details to use in your chosen option. We will then customise elements of the design and add your branding. After incorporating all your requests, we will email you the final 3D rendered background.

Q - How quickly can I get my background branded?
A - We will brand your virtual background within 24 working hours of receiving your logo, colour scheme and invoice number.

Q - In addition to branding the background with my logo, how much of the design can you customise?
A - We'll customise the colour scheme of the design to match your logo and/or colour scheme requirements. 

Q - Do I need to purchase a branded virtual background for each of my colleagues, or can we copy and share one background?
A - You are welcome to copy and share your background with your colleagues.

Q - Do you only provide interior designs for virtual backgrounds, or can I request another setting?
A - At this stage, we only render virtual backgrounds of interiors. For a bespoke background, please first contact us with your ideas. 

Q - Do you offer design revisions?
A - Yes. We offer one round of revisions to your branded virtual background. 

Q - How do I install my branded virtual background?
A - For Zoom... sign into Zoom desktop client and click on 'Settings'. Next, click on 'Virtual Background'. Click '+Add Image' to add your virtual background. To disable your virtual background, choose the option 'None'.

To enable a virtual background in Microsoft Teams, click the three dots on the meeting settings bar and select 'Show background effects'. Choose your background from the 'Background Settings' pane. Then, either 'Preview' or select 'Apply' to enable your background.

Q – How do I make sure the virtual background shows after I apply it on my online meeting platform?
A – This depends greatly on the performance of your PC and your lighting settings in the room.  Most PC's can accommodate the virtual background seamlessly, but some require a green screen.  Hanging a green sheet behind you ensures your virtual background will display perfectly.   

Q - What payment options are available?
A - You can pay using your Visa and Mastercard issued credit and debit cards, as well as Instant EFT. Our payment gateway is PayFast.  

Q – I am purchasing a virtual background from outside South Africa. Is tax still applicable on my purchase?
A – Yes. According to regulation, we are required to add 15% VAT onto our pricing if you are purchasing from South Africa.  Zero VAT is added to international purchases. 

Q - Do you offer any refunds?
A - No. Once you have purchased a virtual background, it becomes downloadable, so we unfortunately we cannot offer a refund.